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i think its Wade plate armor

Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate has more armour, more fire resistance, less fatigue and bonus stamina compared to the Juggernaut armour, but the Juggernaut armour gives you elemental resistances against everything and a set bonus to strength and constitution. The Knight Commander's Plate is the best armour for a templar so it all depends on your preference, but I would suggest leaving the Knight Commander's Plate on your templar. Its also ironic that the most useful time to have Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate is when you fight the High Dragon to get the Dragon scale.

It depends upon the character class and even sub type (ex. Tank, Two Hand Damage, Dual Wield DPS

- Rogue: I think Felon's Coat is the the clear winner for Light Armor. The bonuses are much better than Wade's Superior Drakeskin AND it's not a set you can add gloves like Red Jenny Seekers or Pushback Striker along with Lions Paw Boots (DLC) or even Cadash Stompers.

- DPS/Dual Wield Warrior or Two-Hand Warrior: Cailan's Armor Set (Return to Ostagar DLC) is arguabley the best. Massive bonuses, great protection and very light fatigue for Massive Armor (-25% set bonus)....and it's free! An alternative would be Wade's Superior DragonSCALE (not plate) set with Evon's Great Mail replacing the standard chest piece. Strength requirement is 38 vs. 42 for Cailan's (possibly an issue for dual wield Warrior builds) and there's no helmet in the set so you can wear the Helm of Honnleath (very good helm). On the downside, Evon's is expensive to buy and of course you have to kill a High Dragon (there's only one - Sacred Ashes Quest) for the scales. A second tier opton is the Warden Commander's Set (Warden's Keep DLC) which can be upgraded by selling to Mikhael Dryden. When I completed the quest, it was Red Steel (Tier 5). Later, I sold it and bought it back as Dragonbone (save before selling to make sure all pieces are Dragonbone) for a net cost of about 34 gold. Pretty reasonable for a complete set two-tier upgrade.

- Tank Warrior: Blood Dragon Plate ( DLC) is quite good, especially when paired with Helm of the Deep (DLC) or Helm of Honnleath. The set has a helm, but I still get the set bonus icon (and bonuses) without it. It gives a nice fire resistance bonus, and though not as much as Wade's, there are a lot of other good bonuses as well. Juggnernaught plate is good, but doesn't give you much other than the resistances. You could also use Wade's Superior Dragonscale (plate not worth it IMO) or Wade's/Evon,s if you have the coin to spare.

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