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Best armor? Pfff. That depends on what you're doing with the character. Reaper's Vestments I'd say is the best for a spellcaster mage. Tevinter Mage Robes is good for Spellcaster focused Mages too. Any Tevinter robe is good for Mages honestly. If you're doing an Arcane Warrior Tank Mage though I personally find Warden's Commander armor is best, especially because +50 Stamina becomes +50 Mana for a mage. Now this is all for Dragon Age Origins. You didn't mention what game, so I'll say for posterity Mantle of the Champion is the best Mage armor in Dragon Age 2, and Superb Battlemage Armor is the best armor schematic that can be crafted in Dragon Age Inquisition. The best armor in DA: I is always going to be crafted. Base armor in that game is shi-et. B.S.S.T. (talk)

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