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Just looking for people's ideas and thoughts for dragon age 3 if there even is one.

Personally I think they should improve upon customisation, for example they should add on to the heraldry system from awakening by not keeping it restricted to shield wielding warriors, I mean they could put the heraldry on armor instead of just on a shield, and maybe add in a heraldry designer similiar to halo's emblem system.

They could also add some kind of weapon designer to improve the uniqueness of a weapon while making sure the changes are purely aesthetic so people aren't drawn towards one type of design.

They really need improve on class diversity by adding more specializations and not restricting certain weapons to certain classes like in DA:2(I really want to continue playing as a mage with duel daggers or a rogue that can carry a longsword).

Mages could also do with alot of improvement from DA:2 maybe less robes and more armor like the "mantle of the champion" and use two basic specializations of the mage class - Melee and Ranged - one could use staves similiar to those from DA:O and the other could use a somewhat specialized melee version of it.

And finally I want to play as my warden-commander from dragon age origins and awakening not someone who's completely new to everything my previous characters done. So... Toughts?

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