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Welcome to Dragon Age Answers! Please follow these guidelines.

  • Please formulate the question before posting it, and avoid rephrasing. If you need to rephrase a newly posted question, create a new one and post {{delete}} in the old one to mark it for deletion.
  • To add an answer, press an "Edit" button, then add your answer at the bottom and press "Publish". Don't use "Talk" pages or an "Add category" button for answering questions.
  • Type ~~~ (three tildes) at the end of your posts. It creates a personal signature. Please don't use four tildes (~~~~), as other wikis advise you to. It creates a needlessly long timestamp.
  • Put effort into proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation. It makes your posts more readable, and helps attract attention and earn respect.
  • Try to keep your contributions relevant to the Dragon Age series.
  • Read the site policy to know rules and standards of Dragon Age Answers.

And have fun on the site. We're looking forward to your contributions!

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