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You attack her dumbshit!Quickly, and best to never use melee characters on her, Leliana with her archery is great here, Morrigan is not available, but you have the other mage with you, if you need a tank, and have a Golem, use him to tank, a human or Dwarf or even Elven tank will not hold long enough, have the Golem with the resistance to Fire, and attack with either ice or electricity, electricity seems to be working better, depending on the Hero's class, try to stay at range, if you are arcane mage, you stand a chance not to get killed very fast, depending on your talents and build, if you are a shape shifter for some reason, you are dead.

Best to use spells on Flameth, she has high resistance to fire, but in general she is not that hard to kill, Your other Warden friend, depending on gear, can be a good tank, but it is recommended to use the golem instead, has more resistance and health, and all he has to do is keep her attention, which he does great, in general Flemeth will hardly ever move at all, she casts fireballs and other spells very often but even on hard she is not very hard, don't take her lightly though, never approach her if you are bellow level 18.Question is how to fail at it...try reading the battle strategy on Flemeth's page. stab her, a lot if you want a serious answer, use a tank to distract her, then mages and archers, on easier diffticulties you can just run around spamming her, also use fire resistant gear lore wise, we don't know

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