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I was recently exposed to Dragon Age by my brother. Suffice to say I'm hooked. I started at the beginning, and have no illusions about hating Leliana and her Chanty crap. Imagine my excitement when I discovered a way to kill her. Fast forward a few weeks, now playing Dragon Age 2, and SHE'S BACK. How and why?

Some of the flags don't always transfer properly. Since I am not sure specifically how you ended getting her killed, I cannot say for any real certainty, other than to remind you that she was once a highly trained orlesian assassin who may have faked her own death to get your warden off her back.Zatarra D'Phasma 22:38, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

I killed her during the 'Urn of Sacred Ashes' quest, and it was a legitimate kill. The intent of my question is if there is an in game explantaion as to why she's alive. I find an 'extra-universe' fan made excuse to be rather hollow. (OP)

I understand your thinking, and unless there is an explination in the comic books that says that she 'faked' her own death when she tried to stop the warden from defiling the ashes.... I don't believe you'll get one. Looking at it, I think they may have hedged a bet when creating DA2 that very few people would take that route on the save they decided to upload. You may want to take a look at your in game listing in the codex of her to see if it references it in any way. 03:57, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

I'm going to do a direct quote from the codex for this. "When The Warden corrupted and destroyed the Sacred Ashes of Andraste, Leliana drew her weapon and was killed alongside the guardian." If 'they' wanted to 'hedge their bets' why did they make it a possibility to begin with, and then follow it up with a codex. Do any of the other dead characters return? What's the point of giving me a choice if it will be disregarded later? (OP)

I'm guessing this thread is dead. Thanks for posting. (OP

- Honestly, it reminds me of the original Dragon Age where Alistair speaks like he's the king regardless of what choices you make at landsmeet because that's the only voice acting they could afford at the time and assumed everyone would want to make him king. As for Leliana, they once again assumed the "Good" role and I haven't played DAII but maybe they couldn't think of an alternative way to do something without her present? Just a guess. (Some Guy)

It's not a bug. Leliana is alive regardless of the choices you made in origins. In the Exlied Prince DLC, she even adresses her own apparant death, stating that "the Maker had other plans for me" which made me want to kill her again. But, the Urn of Sacred Ashes was right there, so I suppose she could've used that to heal herself. Just because it was defiled doesn't mean its magical powers went away.

--- Sandal Amell

Two things, on this

  1. When considering theory and 'cannon' sources rember that nearly all in game sources of information are presented from the perspective of a character and thus are subject to the biases and flaws of perspective that the character in question suffers from (Templar thinking the story of the black city is "The Truth" mages of the Circle believing magic cannon be used to transport people/objects, etc.). The Epologue for any of the games/DLC is even more subject to this because it is written as rumor/gossip. So while all of these things (and their respective codex entries) are indeed cannon they are the cannon perspectives of certain characters or groups not an author/dev statement of fact.
  2. Every rogue in DA:O has the option to learn "Feign Death", as well as several other distraction and steal talents if you consider the lore equivilent of these skills in essence it's showing how 'rouges' are quite skilled and deception and missdirection, the Bards (aka spies) more so. When Leliana states later that 'the Maker maker had other plans' that reads more (to me at least) as her rationalization for saving herself even as the sacred ashes were destroyed. After all she believe the Maker contracts her directly while most of the chantry consider the idea heritical. RoseLegion 04:24, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

This isn't the only possible plot hole in the storyline. In Awakening, it's possible for Anders to die, get captured by templars, or not even become a grey warden in the first place. In these cases I'm guessing that Bioware just decided that most people would choose to keep them alive. While creating events that are considered cannon to the franchise can help them add to the story, it minimizes the role that your choices play. I mean what point is there in making your own choices and creating your own story if when you import it to the next game some of your choices are ignored.