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I'm not sure. DA2's mechanics indicate that spirit damage makes both damage resistance (which governs physical damage) and magic resistance (elemental damage) 50% less effective, so I've always operated on the assumption that physical "element" attacks are subject to damage resistance. It's very hard to test that without one of each element staff with exactly the same DPS values and no other damage modifiers, preferably on Nightmare difficulty to test the full extent of an enemy's damage resistance. You could probably test with just a electric staff and a physical staff, but then who's to say the added damage on the electric staff wasn't due to an inherent elemental weakness? RShepard227 (talk)

Addendum: The above describes basic attacks. The only physical element spells in the game are, to my knowledge: Stonefist, Crushing Prison, Fist of the Maker, Hemorrhage, and Wounds of the Past. Of them, 3 render enemy armor "temporarily 0%," which is taken to mean during the entirety of the spell's attack window, and Wounds of the Past is essentially Merrill's version of Hemorrhage. These descriptions, plus their placement in character specializations, leads me to believe that Stonefist and Crushing Prison are subject to armor-induced damage reduction. RShepard227 (talk)

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