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Reaver. It's not as evil as blood magic, I think of it like the Joining + dragons. The passive ability alone is worth the effort, and if you're Two-Handed, Devour + the Disorient upgrade can drain lieutenants very effectively, plus it's the only way to Cross-Class with a Two-Hander. The second specialization I take is Templar. I learn Holy Smite with the stun chance upgrade, Cleanse, and Silence. Silencing Blows is optional. Do not take the 50% magic resistance because if you use Haste with Anders, it'll wear off after two seconds.

- As for Origins, it depends on what weapons your using. Tanks should not be Reavers, Champion is useful on the Warden warrior if you keep Rally active at all times, Berserker is a must for Two-Handers, and Templar I didn't find that useful in Origins/Awakening. I'm a Dual Wield Warrior with Champion and Berserker, it works well enough, though I never really use Final Blow or Berserk, I might shift to Reaver or Templar for my next play.

In my playthrough for a warrior in Origins at least is Champion and Templar, War Cry with all uogrades can knock over enemies close by and Holy Smite is one of the only ranged non-archer attacks that a Warrior can learn. Additionally I always find myself on the receiving end of a lot of Entropy based magic so the Templar's Mental Fortress really helps to fight that off a little. EzzyD 12:36, January 29, 2012 (UTC)

^ What weapon class did you use? And did Mental Fortress impact the duration of non-sustained buffs?

^ I was mostly a Weapon and Shield player. Usually with the Fade Wall (When I get it off Gaxkang later) or Earthheart's Portable Bulwark. I'm not entirely sure about how it effected the buffs. I simply found that I was able to resist more of those Misdirection Hexes, Horrors and other nasty Entropy effects. It's a good upgrade if you want to use other helmets instead of ones that give mental resistance like Qunari Studded Helm. EzzyD 17:29, January 30, 2012 (UTC)

^^ Templar it is, thanks Ezzy. Although I've never been able to get Gaxkang to drop the Fade Wall for my tank, but the Keening Blade is all I really care about since I'm a Dual Wield Warrior.

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