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In DAA it's blackblade, in DA2 it's Champion. In DAO it's probably Wade's light armor or ancient elven armor.

Not so sure about that. In DA2, the Jasmine Cutty's Wrap is better than the Helm of the Champion, and the Arms of Mac Tir is better than the Arms of the Champion. Unfortunately, neither is as good looking. Path of the Wilds has lower armor value than Boots of the Champion, but has a better critical chance, higher critical damage, and provides immunity to stun. The Champion Boots give a lock-picking bonus, but it's meaningless to any high-level rogue, who already probably has the cunning required to open any lock.ChaosTheThird 01:33, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

Then there's also the Messenger Armor Set from Mark of the Assassin, which depending upon your rogue build, is better than the equipment above, at least in sheer armor value and for a bunch of regeneration bonuses and damage resistance. This is why I say it depends on your rogue, because if you're a stealthy bowman like me, then crit bonuses and the like are more important than armor (I'm almost never the target of enemies). But if you're a dagger-wielding melee type then you might need the better armor value, regenerative effects, and fortitude that the Messenger set provides. It is, as of now, the highest "ranked" (star value) armor set as well. ChaosTheThird 01:33, October 18, 2011 (UTC)